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Individuals with developmental disabilities deserve the opportunity to thrive in environments that can meet their social, physical, and emotional needs. Our caring and compassionate team utilizes therapeutic exercises and skillful manual therapy techniques to improve mobility, communication, and physical health.

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Group Home , Personal Support & Respite

What we


We offer more than just our fitness program. We are also a provider with Agency For Persons With Disabilities (APD). 

Personal Support

This is a service that provides assistance and training to the person in activities of daily living, such as eating, bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, and preparation of meals. This service can also include heavy household chores to make the home safer. This service can provide access to community-based activities .


This is a service that provides supportive care and supervision receiving services under the age of 21 when the primary caregiver is unable to perform this duty. 

Group Home

We offer Group Home opportunities this service  provides supervision and specific training activities to assist the individual in receiving services to acquire, maintain or improve the skills related to activities of daily living.